Breast Cancer Awareness

During the month of October, Aveda donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each special edition Pink Ribbon Hand Relief™ product to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 1993 by Evelyn H. Lauder and dedicated to funding clinical and genetic research on breast cancer at medical institutions across the globe.

In alignment with Aveda’s mission, Breast Cancer Awareness donations from Aveda North America are used to explore the environmental causes and links to breast cancer, such as exposures to toxic chemicals and pollutants. For a number of years Aveda’s funding has been directed to a research project at Columbia University in New York that studies the interaction between environmental exposures and genetic susceptibility to breast cancer.

Since 2004, Aveda has contributed $910,330 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. In addition to the corporation’s contributions, Aveda employees and guests also have an opportunity to donate to the BCRF through fundraising activities held by the Aveda network throughout the month of October.

Earth Month

Walk for Water

 Walk for People, Walk for Planet, WALK FOR WATER Over 1 billion people around the world do not have access to clean water (Source: 2006 United Nations Human Development Report). Earth Month 2009 builds upon the momentum created by the Aveda Earth Month 2007 and 2008 campaigns, working to make clean water a human right and accessible to every person on the planet. The Aveda Walk for Water unites the Aveda network in a singular event, executed locally, to raise awareness, funds and excitement to help protect clean water around the world.

What is Walk for Water?

  • The Aveda Walk for Water is a series of walks around the world held during the week of Earth Day, April 22, to raise awareness and funds for clean water organizations.
  • Create awareness of the fact that many people must walk an average of 6 kilometers each day for clean water—by simulating the length of the walk.
  • Support your local Earth Month partner in raising awareness of water issues in your region and educating people to protect clean water in their communities.
  • Increase network salon participation from 38% to 50% through a turnkey event.
  • Gain regional press for Earth Month while helping to ensure the network exceeds its goal of $3 million.
  • Add excitement to a program that has been promoting change for ten years.
  • Inspire an appreciation for how easily we access clean, safe water, and show the value in keeping that water clean


Acts of Joy


Acts of Joy inspires people to spread joy and educate them about its transformative effects on individuals,  their relationships and communities.  Each month Acts of Joy focuses on a different cause.  Please visit the website at to see how you can help in your community.  We are a proud sponsor and drop of location for many Acts of Joy.